Meet the team

At Concise Media we believe it’s essential to understand our clients’ businesses as well as they do. Only by identifying every pain point and media challenge can we create a solution that will deliver concrete results. Key to achieving this is our uniquely experienced team, which is made up of like-minded specialists driven by a desire to collaborate and innovate at every opportunity. And because we ensure everyone has a distinctive voice at Concise, you’re sure to see the same faces meeting after meeting, year after year as our staff attrition levels are the lowest in the industry. Below are just a few of our rapid problem solvers.

Nick Yiannakou

Head of Audit and Analytics

For over 20 years, Nick’s natural aptitude for data interpretation has provided his media and financial services employers with the key information and insights required to shape business decisions and secure a chunkier slice of the media pie.

Prior to joining Concise, Nick spent seven years at Rickards where he managed the delivery of audit reports and took the lead on a number of high profile data modelling and analysis projects. He was also instrumental in delivering the company’s proprietary management information system. And prior to this, Nick’s know-how was used to great effect by business analytics and information services firm PRG Schultz. Nick focuses on managing the data and devising bespoke assurance services for the Concise client base.

Siobhan Bradley

Audit Manager

For over 25 years Siobhan has been at the forefront of commercial finance within the media industry, during which time she has worked at both TV-am and Channel 4 before setting up her own business in 2008.

Now an integral part of the Concise family, Siobhan is responsible for conducting and assisting on audits across all the business’ media owner clients. So, whether managing data, monitoring info or liaising with clients, you’re sure to benefit from Siobhan’s energy and financial acumen when working with us.

Sally Scofield

Audit Manager

Sally is responsible for organising and managing share audits, a job she does with excellent presentation, communication and people skills.

Prior to joining Concise, Sally worked at Rickards, PwC and Omnicom Media Group, where her deep understanding of the industry and the auditing challenges facing it helped hone her exceptional skills. The same can also be said of her relentless commitment to championing positive mental health within the work place, something we’re a 100% behind her on.

Minoli Samarasekera

Senior Auditor

Minoli has over 10 years’ experience in audit and accountancy, specialising in Tax and Media.  She is responsible for conducting audits across various media types and media owner clients, utiilising her degree in Accountancy and Information Management.

Prior to joining the Assurance team at Concise she worked at Rickards Media Services, Omnicom Media Group and the Department of Inland Revenue New Zealand in roles which deepened her understanding of audit and analytical principles.  Minoli’s dedication and meticulous attention to detail are a great asset to the team.

Sam Randoll

Research Director

With 15 years’ research experience, Sam has always been at the sharp end of technical development. Since joining Concise, he has added a new dimension in leading our research expertise that has already delivered additional services to our existing clients, while getting us in the room with a great many more.

In his previous role at Digital-I, Sam was instrumental in driving growth through increasing revenue from business and product development, and putting in place the teams and infrastructure required to deliver real business change. He was also responsible for gaining the company’s ISO 9001 certification, a feat that requires no shortage of streamlining inefficiencies to deliver healthier profit margins. Sam has a passion for delivering insight to complex problems, with one eye always on the ROI to each client.

Samuel Goswell

Head of Research

At Concise we offer the fastest overnight reporting in the UK, enabling our clients to quickly make decisions that will deliver them a real competitive edge. To achieve this requires experts like Sam, whose eye for detail and passion for research and reporting ensures our processes and structures are optimised at all touchpoints.

Before joining Concise, Sam worked as a Research Manager for Digital-I for eight years where he was responsible for overseeing all reporting and implementing process improvements at every opportunity.

Keziah Cracknell

Research Executive