Meet the team

At Concise Media we believe it’s essential to understand our clients’ businesses as well as they do. Only by identifying every pain point and media challenge can we create a solution that will deliver concrete results. Key to achieving this is our uniquely experienced team, which is made up of like-minded specialists driven by a desire to collaborate and innovate at every opportunity. And because we ensure everyone has a distinctive voice at Concise, you’re sure to see the same faces meeting after meeting, year after year as our staff attrition levels are the lowest in the industry. Below are just a few of our rapid problem solvers.

Kevin Waller

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

As Concise’s Founder and CEO, Kevin isn’t simply the driving force behind the business, he’s a force of nature known throughout the industry for his boundless enthusiasm and in-depth media trading knowledge.

For over 20 years clarity over complexity has been Kevin’s approach, which has seen him consistently deliver results for agencies, media owners and private media practices. Working in close partnership with leading IT consultants he has also overseen the development of several cutting-edge deal management and audit systems. After all, why imitate when you can innovate? Previously, Kevin was the Managing Director of Rickards Media Services and Head of Commercial Finance at Channel 4 Television.

John Litster


Litster is the former Managing Director of Sky Media – where he spent 26 years identifying commercial opportunities and building the broadest range of advertising solutions in an ever changing broadcast marketplace – and having worked for 4 years at ITV prior to that.

John will provide strategic input to help Concise drive new revenue opportunities, realise its 5-year plan and continue to build its reputation as the go-to professional services business within the UK media market.

Graeme Symon


Graeme is a seasoned operator in media and technology companies with global experience. He is renowned for creating sustainable platforms that deliver successful commercial outcomes for businesses around the globe thanks to his successful time consulting abroad.

Originally joining Concise as Non Executive Director back in 2018, today as Director, Graeme is responsible for driving the business forwards in a way that embraces cutting-edge tech and processes at every turn. Before life at Concise, his focus on delivering growth saw him significantly increase market share and trading service lines for News UK as their Head of Business Development. Other positions include COO of a WPP agency and VP of EMEA for [24], a leading US artificial intelligence company specialising in digital transformation.

Mark Winkler

Chief Financial Officer

Mark is a Chartered Accountant who after originally qualifying with Deloitte, has worked with growth companies, multi-nationals and ultra-high net worth families across the globe throughout his career.

Today, Mark’s extensive know-how and understanding of the ever changing media landscape means we’re in a stronger position than ever to seize new and exciting opportunities for our clients. Mark focuses on building financial rigour into the company and brings a wealth of governance to the decision making process as the company strives to meet it goals.

Andy Barnes


Andy was at Channel 4 for over 20 years where he had a Board position after setting up the sales department from a standing start and designed the channel’s airtime strategy. His reputation has always been and continues to be that nothing is impossible and he continues to bring that creative commercial flair to the media eco system.

In 2011, Andy left Channel 4 to set up his own consultancy and joined the Concise board a couple of years later to explore new opportunities with us. We have not looked back as Andy’s talents are endlessly in demand with his focus on 1:1 senior executive consultation, with his wealth of experience with many different customers, trade bodies and regulatory organisations, he is a jewel in the crown for the company.

Emma Waller

Company Secretary and Head of Finance and Administration

Emma has been involved in corporate finance operations since 1991, with Willis Corroon Credit Ltd and Channel 4, where she was the Finance Partner to the commercial leadership team.

Emma excels in organisational ability and stakeholder management, a skill set that is much needed within the business, as her ability to manage multiple internal stakeholders frees up valuable executive time. Emma’s responsibility for providing accurate data ensures Concise remains on plan to deliver its financial goals, which in turns enables the business to deliver on its continuous senior engagement promise.

Merlin Inkley

Media Systems Director

For over 25 years, Merlin has brought highly technical and groundbreaking optimisation systems into the world of media to ensure our industry continually moves forward.

Merlin’s vast understanding of managing interfaces between frontline sales people and behind the scenes technicians was honed during a 20-year stint at Channel 4, where as their Head of Portfolio and Airtime Management he delivered and managed a world class inventory management system. Merlin provides the link between what can be achieved through technology and how that leads to maximum inventory optimisation. He focuses on clients who face similar challenges through either archaic technology or practice.

Jude Egharevba

Audit and Operations Director

Jude has worked in Audit Operations for over 15 years and is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations at Concise. Jude’s ability to master on the complexities of understanding both the customer needs and the audit protocol is a skill appreciated by many of the biggest names in media and ensures we continue to set the pace in the fast-moving world of media.

Before Concise, Jude worked at Rickards Media Services for nine years where she rose from Junior Auditor to Head of Audit and Operations. Key to this success was Jude’s wealth of analytical skills, commercial media expertise and understanding of the media operations at advertising agencies. Jude focusses on delivering an impeccable service line to the Concise client base and manages the audit operation.