Digital Cinema Media

Reviewing existing development plans to drive efficiency, enhance communication and deliver box office growth.

The brief in brief

DCM is the market leader in cinema advertising and in 2012 became the first UK cinema advertising company to go fully digital. Cut to several years later and a period of sustained growth, DCM was keen to avoid slipping into complacency and potentially missing out on future market opportunities. Their challenge to Concise was to seriously scrutinise their existing five-year development plan, which was now three years old, and provide them with a comprehensive look at the current market, team structure as well as all the various commercial opportunities just waiting to be pounced on.

The Concise approach

As ever, we started with a spot of knowledge mining to identify any inefficiencies or missed opportunities. This included everything from interrogating current shareholder agreements and deal memorandums, to formally reviewing supporting documentation and taking a close look at key staff job specifications. However, our quest for killer info didn’t end there.

Next we worked alongside DCM’s steering group to uncover the aspirations, both realistic and not, of all key stakeholders. Internal and external teams were interviewed, key sales deliverables were identified and a clearer understanding of future targets and KPIs was established. And while all this was happening, we also carried out a detailed review of current market conditions and the potential negative/positive effects on future revenues.

How we walked the walk

After our extensive review we delivered two key presentations back to DCM, which in addition to outlining our discoveries provided clear and actionable future steps that would further strengthen their market leading position.

The first presentation provided a detailed overview of the limitations of the existing five-year development plan and highlighted how structural changes and a shift to new methodologies could provide the future growth DCM aspired to. At the second presentation comprehensive recommendations were shared in relation to structure and staffing by department, as well as highlighting the positive impact the proposed changes would make to DCM in terms of efficiency, communication and productivity.

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